Egypt: A Competitive Tourist Destination in a Changing World

Minia, 24th - 26th October 2018

Objectives of the conference:

  1. Providing an academic platform for experts, academicians, and stakeholders to discuss their own agendas for promoting Egypt as a tourist destination in a changing, competitive world.
  2. Presenting and discussing the ways of implementing the recommendations of the conference participants.
  3. Seeking to apply the comprehensive quality principles and standards in tourism, hospitality, and tour guiding.
  4. Providing solutions for the challenges of green and eco-tourism.
  5. Exploiting non-traditional types of eco-tourism such as safaris, diving, bird-watching, and mountaineering.
  6. Drawing attention to the centrality of developing the infrastructure in Egypt in general and tourist destinations in particular for accessible tourism.
  7. Encouraging the use of new technologies and mobile applications in tourism, hospitality, and tour guiding.
  8. Making the most of e-marketing techniques in tourism and hospitality at the individual and agencies levels.

Guidelines for the abstracts:

The abstracts should include

  • A title of the research paper.
  • The name/s of the author/s and affiliation.
  • The email-address.
  • No more than 500 words.
  • Font type: Times New Roman for English abstracts, Simplified Arabic for Arabic ones.
  • Font size: 14 for the title, 12 for other parts.
All abstracts should be sent directly to the head of the conference scientific committee, Dr. Youssri Abdelwahed, on the following email:
(the participant/s should receive a response within two weeks of the receipt of the abstract).

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